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About GP Homes

What makes GP superior to other property rental companies?

1. We Own & Manage Properties

Most rental companies you’ve experienced are strictly management firms focused on managing properties at the lowest possible cost. These firms don’t have anything invested in the homes or the tenants they manage. They only exist to keep the property owners from dealing with the day-to-day details involved in managing rental properties. In all honesty, property owners hire management firms so they don’t have to deal with you.

GP Homes is different – we’re property owners and a management firm under one roof. We take special care of our properties and our tenants, and that extra level of attention translates into quality homes and happy tenants. 

2. A Better Purchase Option

We provide flexible solutions to make your new move easy. All of our properties have a purchase option agreement (POA) available. Unlike most leasing companies, we don’t require that you sign or pay up front to take advantage of this option. Most companies want you to pay a non-refundable POA fee at lease signing. However, 85% of renters who pay the non-refundable fee don’t actually use the POA. We think that’s wrong. Our purchase option agreement is available and can be implemented at any time while your lease is in force, whether you’ve lived in the home for two weeks or two years.

3. Responsive Management

If you’ve rented a home before, you’ve probably experienced an unresponsive management company that didn’t seem to care about your needs. Most management firms provide patch fixes that don’t actually fix the problem at hand.

GP Homes responds to all of your concerns quickly in accordance with your lease, thanks to our professional staff that has been specially trained to handle any situation promptly. Ask for a tenant reference and find out what our clients say about us. We take pride in all of our homes and our families, and it shows.

4. Move-In Assistance

Because it can be challenging and costly to move to a new rental home, we offer a Move-In Assistance Program (MAP).  If your rental application is approved, and you qualify for one of our homes, you can minimize your upfront costs.  Under the MAP, we provide you with keys and entry to the property with only half of your deposit paid up front.  The second half of the deposit is the due at 30 days of the lease commencement date. Our MAP is another way that GP Homes is the superior choice for quality St. Louis rental properties that feel like home!

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