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Foreclosure Options

Life brings many challenges along the way that can change our ability to meet the financial obligations we have. First you need to understand two thing, then ask yourself two questions.

Understand these two things:

1. You CAN recover and rebuild your credit after a foreclosure!
2. You may still have OPTIONS right now!

Ask Yourself these Questions:

1. If I received a modification/payment reduction to my loan would I want to stay?

2. Would I rather sell and relieve the burden?

The simple fact is, it’s quite expensive for a bank to foreclose on a property so if you want to stay there are options.

Option 1: Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP): "The very first thing you should do is check if you qualify for HAMP. Through HAMP, the federal government offers borrowers with loans insured by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac the opportunity to refinance into lower interest rate loans.

Option 2: We can help you stop the foreclosure process and provide a short sale opportunity that will allow you to walk away from the home without destroying your credit and ability to buy a home in the future… it’s never too late to have a conversation to understand what can be done at the different stages of foreclosure.

We are SFR (short sale foreclosure resource) certified to work with lenders and investors to help stop the process. We can still help even if you have negative equity in your home and provide options that will do less harm to your credit score, allow you to retain borrowing abilities within a specified timeline so you can get past this challenge as quick as possible.

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